Slovenian musical works after 1918

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Slovenian musical identity is based on a number of factors. Mainly two of them have been studied in some detail by now: musicians and musical institutions. Musical works, however, have not received systematic treatment to date, even though they represent from 19 century onward a central historiographic category as well as one of the basic cultural values (not only in the Slovenian culture).
Therefore we propose a systematic evaluation of the Slovenian music works as on of the pillars of the Slovenian musical identity in the contemporary musical practice. Cofinement on the period after World War I is rather misfortuitous, but given the large number of musical creations in the 20th century seems imminent. This does not mean that the older musical works from the cultural history of Slovenia are excluded from the study: institutional history of the Slovenian musical culture riches back at least to 1848. It shall be also included in the proposed project. In fact, the entire history of musical works belonging to the spiritual legacy of the Slovenian musical practice shall find its place in the project as a part of reception of the Slovenian music, which aims to be one of the key contributions of the proposed project.
The projects should provide a systematic treatment of the Slovenian musical works known and preserved on any medium, including the three central: musical scores, audio / video media, and archival sources.
In short: each musical work, important for the Slovenian contemporary musical practice, shall be processed and incorporated into an electronic database of Slovenian musical works in accordance with requirements of RILM. The project aims to systematically enhance the reception history of Slovenian musical works with critical analyses of each work in its phenomenological entirety. This also allows for broad international connectivity with related projects on concert life in the major musical cultures that are currently underway in Europe.

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Musicology H320