Researches in the history of music in Slovenia

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During the last decades the Slovenian music historians focused especially on specific topics from the history of music in Slovenia. In the next six-year period they will endeavour to prepare a larger historical synthesis, compiling all the existing knowledge concerning music on the territory of Slovenia. The chronological span of the new history will extend from the pre-historic periods up to the present. It will include, among others, the discussion of the vestiges of music from the archaeological sites, the medieval plainchant, the musical life in the Renaissance, Baroque, and Classicist periods, the rise of the Slovenian national music culture in the 19th century, the activity of Slovenian music institutions, the presentation of the Slovenian composers along with the stylistic development of Slovenian music in the 20th and 21st centuries. The theoretical premises of the new history have been developed during the researches carried out so far. In the new history the music of any period will be interpreted especially from the viewpoint of its social role and its functional connectedness to historical social strata and their discourses. The planned monograph will encompass, according to an approximate estimation, about 1000 pages in three volumes. In addition to the main scholarly text with references, it will include reproductions of a selection of the representative sources as well as other indices enabling a quick access to specific topics and pieces of information.

Research areas
Musicology H320